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“Business is good, I really don’t need a cash advance right now.”

During my years in the industry of alternative business finance, this might be one of the most common mistakes I find business owners making.  For many business owners, a merchant cash advance is something to be taken out only when times are tough.  I’ll argue, however, that the very best time to expand aggressively and look to take out a cash advance is precisely when you feel like you “don’t need it.”  The month you’re going to get the strongest approval is going to be the month your business was booming.  Can you grow your business with $50,000 paying back $60,000 over 15 months?  If so, then the best time to apply and get a deal that strong is when your business is on fire.

Here at www.coconutfunding.com, we can certainly help you out when you’re going through tough times.  Just don’t forget about the utility of a cash advance when you’re doing well.