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Having to use a funding company is not something I wanted to experience, but hurricanes interrupted business and cash flow so badly in summer 2017 that I felt that I had no other choice. And if you get funding from one company, then need concurrent funding from an additional companies, it will be priced even higher and/or shorter terms.

If you ever use one funding company, you will be bombarded with solicitations from hundreds of salesmen (they call themselves “consultants” or “brokers”) with a wide variety of email addresses, UIRL’s and phone numbers. Many of these brokers claim to be “direct lenders,” but most are not, so don’t be fooled by expecting that you will get a better deal thinking that a “direct lender” will not cost as much without a broker’s commission.

These funding companies, it seems, share your information with many others so you will be solicited by many, many others. Most of these people are very aggressive, so I assume that their commissions must be incredible. If they get your telephone number, they will use every stunt to get past your receptionist, or, if they get your cell phone number you can expect calls and texts many times per week and even in the evenings. And you can disregard the offers that they email before you fill-out the application, it is only a come-on to get your attention, even if they say “approved” or “pre-approved.”

Then, when you negotiate and agree upon a deal verbally and/or in writing, most turned out to be come-ons that were modified or turned down by the “underwriter” on the day that the money was supposed to be sent.

I think that they assume that you are over a barrel and have to take whatever you can get at that point. Having said all that, I have found that Coconut Funding’s people are actually much more direct and less B.S. than most of the others. And, most importantly, they honor the deals that they agreed upon.

Business Owner

“I was looking for additional funding to expand my inventory and to hire somebody do some social media for me. In dealing with [Coconut Funding] on the phone, they were very warm; it felt comfortable… I haven’t borrowed a lot of money before, but it was a pretty easy process, so it was nice. The money was directly deposited into my account, so it was just very quick, easy and convenient. I would definitely recommend them to another business owner. If I do need funding in the future, I would definitely go back to Coconut Funding.”

— Maria

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Dear Charlie,

Thanks. Yes, I see the funds arrived over-night. Was easy doing business with you guys. I’ m not a fan of cold calls but in this instance the fact that Rob took the time to reach out to me and adjusted, paid off. Well done. I will likely pursue some private equity or crowd funding in the next year to help me take the company to the next level. We’ll see.



I used Coconut Funding while waiting for Federal Government payments to come my way. They approved me in less than a day, were trust worthy and did exactly what they said they would do. It was flawless. I used their services more than once and it was amazingly quick and reliable. Thank you Coconut Funding for saving my life more than once. No bank can compare. I give them no less than five stars!

— Coconut Funding Customer


Thank you!

Everyone I dealt with in your company was so very nice!

I hope this is the start of a long relationship!

Best regards



We have found Coconut Funding to be far superior to the other business lenders out in the marketplace.  From start to finish they have been extremely professional, courteous and held their promises on every detail.  We are extremely pleased with our funding arrangement and Coconut Funding has made the difference in our business obtaining the working capital we needed to thrust our business forward.  We look forward to working with Coconut Funding in the near and long term future to assist our business with all of its funding needs!  Thanks Coconut Funding for being different than the rest, you truly are the best!!!




Thank you. Your funding really helped us move a step ahead with our business. Enough to payoff advance and more.



Thank you for the update.

During this process, I have worked with multiple prospective lenders and Coconut has been, by far, most professional and pleasant to deal with.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


I doing business with the Coconut Funding. The entire team is very helpful, and for a small business owner it is appreciated.

— Coconut Funding Customer

Coconut Funding Team was sharp, friendly, fair, and SUPER efficient.

When the fund[ing] was promised for the next day, it was in my account at 2 o’clock in the morning!

It’s rare these day, but when you do find a team like this you really want to keep it close to you… for as long as possible.

— Coconut Funding Customer

Everyone at Coconut Funding has been amazing!  Very professional, courteous, prompt and a real pleasure to deal with.  Starting with the amazing Alex, then Erica, then Rob…what a great team!!!  I look forward to working with you now and into the future.  I will be telling all my friends and business owners about your company.  Super friendly, super fast and amazing results.  And don’t worry, we have never missed a payment on anything!  Our business is strong and we have a great future!  Your funding comes in very handy as we transition our company from small to large prospects.  Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!

— Bob G

I spoke with Rob Pearlman about a year ago and informed him if I ever need funding for a projects that I would give him a call. He keep in contact with us to let me know that when I am ready for funding to call him. In December 2015 we had a couple of projects going on and I called Rob and he delivered on the his word. Fast and friendly service with just a little paperwork and funding two days later. Thank you Rob, I when the need arises again I will call you.


Watson C.

In the many tries to receive merchant funding I finally found the right company. It was a quick process always a honest response and great follow ups whenever needed. I have worked with several others in the past but now have found a home for my funding needs. Thank you Jack and Charlie for all your help. I would recommend Coconut Funding all the time.

— Henning M.

I just wanted to let you know that I am happy with Coconut Funding.  Their repayment is similar and the same cost as previous funding companies I have used.  They did not place any liens on my business and were very professional to work with.  I did not get the run around or false promises and I certainly don’t feel I have a bad deal, quite the opposite.  I have used three companies in the past few years and I will only use their company for any future business funding needs.

— Coconut Funding Customer

Jack & Charlie,

I really like working with your company. It was a quick simple process to help my business’s financial needs to help me get through these slow months. I have used other lenders in the past and I get calls all the time, but you presented everything upfront without feeling as if you were hiding something. Thanks again and I’ll be using your services next time.

Parris F.

I would like to say thanks to Rob, for all his help in getting me financed. Living in Ohio these last couple months have been more than interesting. We have had floods, high winds, and no power for days at times. I was recently struck near the restaurant with lightening, which damaged many compressors, phones, and other equipment in my restaurant. We actually had to close for a period of time due to the damages. We did not process for a period of time due all the damage here. Many thanks to these guys for understanding the issues that caused the “no processing” issues!

— Chuck C.


It hit the account this afternoon – thanks so much for all your help this year. We’re a more successful business because of you.

Happy Holidays!



Dear Rob,

I never had a chance to thank both of you and Coconut Funding for the recent advance.
I am in the process of acquiring another piece of equipment form a third party in Florida.

Liam H.

Charlie and Jack provided me with a one of a kind customer service. They are very quick and honest in what they do. I had a loan before from another company and their service was no where near what Jack and Charlie at Coconut Funding can provide. I would not hesitate to recommend them to all my fellow business owners. Thanks guys!

— John N.

Thank you Charlie!! It was a pleasure working with you. I appreciate all of your help, and look forward to continue working with you and your company.

— Donna W.

I find Jack’s is the only company that could deliver the best term and interest in a timely fashion in the industry. While others are still promising you’d already be completing the deal with him. Many, many thanks, Jack you’re super, I would not hesitate to recommend to any business owner for your excellent service.

— Maurice T.

Jack stepped up to the plate. I’ve been having a tough time dealing with some other Advance Companies over the last year, but I got what I needed from Coconut Funding with good turn around time and good service.

— Francis B.

Jack & Charlie are fabulous. I had always worked with another broker to secure these business loans so I was nervous about this one going through. They made it happen and were able to secure a higher amount with better terms. They make things happen very quickly behind the scenes. Bottom line, my business will be able to grow comfortably because of them!

— Kim

I’ve had a few advances through other companies. Didn’t plan on ever doing one again until I spoke with Jack. He was able to secure me an advance at a payback rate that was much lower than the ones I’ve had in the past. AND the funds were in my account a few days earlier than expected!

— Sumi S.

I appreciate what these guys do. They helped me with my processing and gave me a really low rate. Mr. Jack is a really nice guy and is very helpful. Other companies have been rude or pushy but it was a pleasure doing business with Coconut [Funding].

— Malcolm H.

Thanks Jack,

Your family business was good to work with. I will tell anyone looking for this kind of loan about your company.

— Jay H.

Professional & Effective – Jack Pearlman of Coconut Funding is one of the most honest, able, and skillful agents we have ever worked with. Jack devised ways to overcome problems and he delivered what he promised when he promised it. I would not hesitate to recommend them, and look forward to working with them again in the future.

— Tim M.


We appreciate your professionalism, response time and following through with your commitment. Wow!! Start to finish in 3 days!! Thank you!!

Steve & Rhonda B.


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