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On the surface, the question of going direct to a lender vs. through a broker might seem like a no-brainer; if you can go direct to the source, why not cut out the middleman?  But in the current landscape, this is typically a mistake.  The market is flooded with so many lenders, many with their own niche markets, that the chances are slim of a merchant successfully navigating these choices in order to find the best options.  Even after taking his or her cut, an experienced cash advance broker will often save merchants thousands of dollars just through ensuring that their business finds the most favorable financer.

So then should business owners seek out brokers?  Unfortunately, this option comes with its own pitfalls.  With so many unscrupulous and inexperienced brokers in the industry, finding a skilled and forthright broker can be almost as daunting as finding the right lender.

At Coconut Funding, we’re bringing you the best of both options.  With our extensive industry experience, we can use the basic information you supply about your business to selectively target the most appropriate investors for your specific needs.  Alternatively, we can get you into one of our extremely attractive, competitive, and in-demand direct business lending positions.  With Coconut Funding’s direct lending options, you’ll avoid all fees, receive generous early payoff discounts, and find yourself with a host of innovative payback choices.

As with most ostensibly simple questions regarding business, the matter of direct business lending vs. using a broker lacks easy answers.  With our company, you can know that we’re using every tool in the box to help your business get the funding it needs to succeed.